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Customer Relationship Management

Identifying Your Marketing SweetSpot Leads to Maximum Revenue

ResultsCandy can identify and target more of  your most profitable customers, your marketing sweetspot, through our powerful customer relationship marketing solutions.

The most important result of target market segmentation is the identification of your market sweetspot.  In other words, we’ll fish where the fish are. Your sweetspot is composed of those groups of potential customers who are most likely to purchase your product. These are the people who think your product or offering was designed especially for them.

SweetSpot customers will generally cost you less to acquire and less to retain than just about any other potential customer. We begin our market segementation by leveraging powerful knowledge about your products and its benefits, in order to help determine your market sweetspot.

Once we’ve identified the general attributes of your market, we can look for the common sets of characteristics that form that segment’s sweetspot. Depending upon your product, characteristics could include personal demographics (gender, age, income, education), personal business characteristics (role, title, responsibilities), company characteristics (industry, target market, revenues), etc.

Market segments are considered well-defined when individuals within each group would be comfortable recommending your product to each other. We’ll develop a set of high-level profiles for each sweetspot segment of your market. This will help you target your marketing efforts more precisely, for maximum return.

With ResultsCandy, you have a powerful sweetspot marketing agency partner. We built our strategic marketing solutions for businesses like yours.

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