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Sherri Robbins & Tina Cabranes: We Are Your Local Marketing Agency Partner Ready To Help Grow Your Business

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About Us

Your Local Marketing Agency Partner Ready To Help Grow Your Business

We are seasoned industry experts with over 25 years experience in strategic planning , marketing solutions and customer relationship marketing.

Our broad range of experience delivers results; from working with successful entrepreneurs getting the most out of limited resources, to building careers in  fortune 500 companies generating millions of dollars of revenue.

We would like to share the benefit of these experiences with you. You deserve a local marketing agency partner that can give you results driven solutions, growing your business and your marketing sweetspot.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple, honest and direct. We believe its people who define an organization, and results that define success.

So what’s keeping you up at night?  What problems are you trying to solve? Tell us, what are your company’s goals?

Sherri Robbins
Linkedin - Sherri Robbins

“Knowing your target audience is key to providing them with real, effective solutions.”

It only takes one word to describe Sherri – passionate. Sherri still comes to the office each day as as if it was her first. She loves the challenge of solving problems and the joy that comes from creating successful campaigns. Applying her 25 years of integrated marketing experience, Sherri masters the alignment of clients’ business objectives with their marketing and campaign goals. Her corporate jobs included leading marketing teams at NBC Universal, National Construction Rentals and Event Services, U.S. Sales Corp., and Catalyst Direct Marketing. Sherri’s non-profit work with Taproot Foundation has made a difference not only in the community, but for small businesses as well.

Tina Cabranes

Linkedin - Tina Cabranes

 “Using today’s technology to target customers effectively can really ignite results.”

Tina has the perfect combination of entrepreneurship and big corporate know-how. With more than 25 years of results-driven marketing experience, her previous leadership successes include customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies with numerous companies, including Guthy-Renker, Toyota, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Automobile Club of Southern California, Sam’s Club,  AIG Auto Insurance, Premier America Credit Union, Equifax Marketing Services, and US Sales Corp. Tina has also been successful with numerous marketing start-ups, innovating new marketing channels that deliver results for large corporations and small business owners.

With ResultsCandy, you have a powerful local marketing agency partner. We built our strategic marketing solutions for businesses like yours.

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We deliver results, that’s why it’s in our company name.